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Dr. Chomba Chuma

Dr. Chomba Chuma

Dr Chomba Chuma is an experienced property investor and has used his vast understanding and lessons learnt from past mistakes to put together this indispensable read.

What stands out is his emphasis on building a portfolio that will leave a legacy that outlives the investor. He continuously shows the wisdom of this approach and is very persuasive in his arguments for following this advice.

After reading this book, the reader will see the foresight in not only using property to reach financial freedom during their lifetime, but also using it to leave a lasting legacy for generations to come!

He has done it over and over again in Property Investments! Why would you want to re-invent the wheel? Learn from the expert and Start Your Portfolio Now! 


  • “This book is AMAZING! I personally have built a multi million rand property portfolio from the exact principles in this book in a matter of a few years, after being technically bankrupt and R5million in debt from investing in the stock market. This book in my opinion is the best I have come across for the South African market. The book is easy to understand which makes application of the principles simple. The information is so powerful that one needs to read this book very carefully over and over. Want to be a multi millionaire? Study this book, TAKE ACTION and don’t give up!”
    Gordon MackayEntrepreneur, Investor, Author
  • “I have known Chomba for many years and have always been fascinated by his endeavours to assist people on the African continent to invest in the best real estate opportunities. I think this book is a crowning achievement as he takes you through the process in a simple and easy to understand way. Knowledge is everything and he is truly shares his vast experience so others can benefit from his knowledge.”
    Scott PickenIPS Founder & Chairman
  • “Finally an average South African family’s dream of building a property portfolio and generating passive income to create wealth has become a reality. In Build a Legacy, Touch Freedom, Dr. Chuma simplifies the complex issue of property investing and guides you through a 6-Step Program that is easy to follow. With this book, You too Can build a Multi-Million Property Portfolio!”
    Dr. John TibaneExtraordinary Advisor for high performing individuals and organizations.(Tibane Consulting)
  • “I feel like I just got 20 years of property knowledge and experience from this one brilliant book. Loads of life-changing information that both inspired me and made me lose my fear of investing in property. Property myths that I have held onto until now were shattered as Chomba Chuma opened my eyes to a whole world of intelligent ways to build and manage a property portfolio and to maximise passive income from property. I strongly recommend to anyone who wants to invest their hard earned money more wisely, with better long term results, to read this book.”
    Lauren FleiserB.Com, MBA - Founder Trutrepreneur
  • “Dr. Chuma has been a great inspiration and help in my own journey of Investing wisely. He has learned over time the value of learning and continuous growth and this has given him very practical and learned wisdom is very wisdom that has been tested and found solid. I have taken his lessons seriously and they have borne great fruit. I am today a savvy investor and I encourage everyone who wants to go beyond the stage of a consumer and grow wealth through wise investment to read this book and to apply the wisdom contained in this book.”
    Pastor Chris MathebulaSenior Pastor - Hope Restoration Ministries

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