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Build a Legacy – Weekly Quote

In this instalment of our weekly Build a Legacy quotes, we take a snippet from the preface pages #BuildALegacy

Property investment is not just a career; it is a livelihood. It navigates through self-expression to a source of bread and butter. Real estate investment is a business in itself and in my view one of the biggest channels for self-development. It creates much-needed jobs in any country and gives people a source of living. It builds wealth for its own people and offers a future to generations. It builds a legacy and helps people touch freedom.

Property is a basic necessity for living; together with food and clothing, it forms one of the core elements of life. We cannot live comfortably without adequate shelter and in the current civilisation, it’s not just about shelter, but rather a decent, respectable and suitable place to live.

Therein lies the golden opportunity. Investing in property is a dream for many people. Given the chance and equipped with the right knowledge and skills, many people will try it at a certain point in their lives. This book gives you that chance; a chance to get started on a journey of discovery, opportunity and financial freedom.

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