Passive Income through Property-How to build an Infinite Property Portfolio

Learn Breakthrough Tactics on how to build PASSIVE INCOME using property! Methods used to build Infinite Property Portfolios worth Millions! Here is your chance!

6_MUMBI_STEPSCreate Passive Income & Wealth in Real Estate with a proven and simple 6 Step system.

  • Step 1 – Introduction and Property Investment Strategy (PIS)
    • De-mystify most of the Myths in Property Investing
    • Look at a simple, yet powerful way of setting a PIS
    • Get tools and resources for keeping you abreast with Property Investments
  • Step 2 – Entity Registration
    • How to Use Trusts as vehicles of Property Investments
    • When can I use Companies (Pty) to invest in Property
  • Step 3 – Property Presentation
    • How to Find, Analyse and Place Offers on Properties
  • Step 4 – Property Finance
    • How to keep qualifying for more finance every time you get a good property deal
  • Step 5 – Property Registration
    • Understand the process of property registration in South Africa
  • Step 6 – Rental Management
    • Tricks and tips on how to get 100% occupancy and payment in place!

For over 8 Years, Dr. Chomba Chuma and his team have been offering the Tools, Tactics and Strategies of building property portfolio. Over this period, they have perfected the model and gladly share these secrets with you during this Seminar. Among them:

  • How to quickly and efficiently screen analyse a property without using any software – Saving you lots of time, headache and money.
  • Why you should take the longest Mortgage Bond duration possible – 30 years or more!
  • Using Leverage and Banks Money to afford tens if not hundreds of properties
  • How to keep affording more and more mortgages on Middle-Class income
  • Using Trusts as a Vehicle for Property Investment
Dr. Chomba Chuma

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