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OPIC (Online Property Investment Course)

R399.50 Incl. VAT

OPIC is a proprietary Online Investment Course by Mumbi Properties that has been designed for those who want to acquire the knowledge and skills in Real Estate Investment.

In this course, you will learn how to:

  1. Set up a Property Investment Strategy for you and generations after you.
  2. Come up with Achievable goals and objectives for your property portfolio
  3. Establish the Right Entities for your property and investment portfolio
  4. Find the right property that matches your Strategy (PIS)
  5. Analyse property deals quickly and efficiently and place offers
  6. Apply for Mortgage Finance to fund the purchase of your investment
  7. Manage your rental unit efficiently and proficiently for maximum returns.

**Note that pricing is based on a Monthly Debit Order of R399.50 for 7 Months **


Course Design

The course was designed and established by Mumbi Properties under the guidance of various professionals in the field including Trust Administrators, Trust Accountants, Estate Agents Conveyancing Attorneys, Mortgage Originators and Rental Managers. This gives it a holistic view of the full “One-Stop-Shop” source of practical information for you as an Investor.

We have made sure that we keep away the academic jargon that scares most people away, but stay relevant to ensure that you have the practical skills. This is not a University/College course, but a real-world, hands-on and realistic compilation of knowledge and skills that will earn you a fortune. It is decades of combined knowledge and implementation that has been distilled into 7 modules and 13 Units of Quick and Effective learning.


You will also need to understand that this is not a GET-RICH-QUICK Scheme. It requires effort and commitment to acquire the knowledge and skills taught in this course.

Even more important is the practical exercises that you will need to complete in order to ensure that you have acquired the necessary proficiency at each level.

Course Approach

The Course starts with Real Estate Foundation principles. It focuses on the 6-Steps discussed in “Build a Legacy, Touch Freedom” Book – 6 Steps to Building a Multi-Million Property Portfolio on middle class income. These 6-Steps also form the modules in the OPIC and include:

  1. Step 1 – Property Investment Strategy
  2. Step 2 – Entity Registration
  3. Step 3 – Property Presentation
  4. Step 4 – Mortgage Finance
  5. Step 5 – Property Registration
  6. Step 6 – Rental Management

Each Step / Module has further units to a total of 14 Units that constitute the full course.

This will give you the fundamentals and basics of Real Estate industry and assist you in understanding how to find, evaluate and analyse deals.

We shall also take you through an analysis of real-world property investments and how to approach each property Step by Step. The course is designed to give you a practice, insightful and realistic view of the challenges that you shall face when you start analysing your own deals.

Who is it for?

  1. New Investors Starting Out
  2. Seasoned Investors for tips and insights
  3. Investors looking to partner with Colleagues or Relatives

What you will get

  1. Complimentary Book “Build a Legacy, Touch Freedom – 6 Steps to Building a Multi-Million Property Portfolio on Middle Class Income”
  2. PIFA (Property Investment Financial Analysis) software/Spreadsheet – Proprietary analysis tool from Mumbi Properties to assist you analyse any property deal
  3. Real World Investment Examples
  4. Downloadable Expert Investment Models

Additional information

Monthly Pricing

Note that the Pricing for OPIC is on a Monthly Debit Order
Monthly Debit Order @399.50 pm x 7 months
You will need to sign a Debit Order Authorization form before getting access to the course.

Follow the link below to download the Debit Order Instruction form.

Debit Order Instruction Form

Download the Debit Order Instruction form by following (or copy & paste) of the following link:,


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