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What changes can be made in a sectional title

Know what changes can be made in a sectional title, doors and window for example #MumbiInvestments Mumbi Properties specialise in sectional titles and are able to assist you. In many sectional title schemes, there will come a need at some stage for the owner of a unit to renovate his property, and when windows or […]

Have your cake and eat it

Buy-to-let property, you might as well have your cake and eat it #MumbiStrategy This is the core strategy of Mumbi Properties. We offer online property investment courses as well as the exclusive book, Build a Legacy – Touch Freedom. Both, the course and book, are all about building a passive income on a middle class […]

How Transfer duties effect your buying power

This has been a debate for years. We take a look at it from both sides and see how transfer duties effect your buying power #MumbiWay Mumbi Properties has a department dedicated to dealing with transfer duties that specialise in making your money work for you, when it comes to your buying power.

Property Investment Strategy

Your Property Investment Strategy should be the very first step you take in becoming a property investor. Mumbi Properties will be able to assist and guide you through entire process. You can also buy a copy of Build a Legacy – Touch freedom which is the best property investment guide that will take you from the […]

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