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What changes can be made in a sectional title

Know what changes can be made in a sectional title, doors and window for example #MumbiInvestments Mumbi Properties specialise in sectional titles and are able to assist you. In many sectional title schemes, there will come a need at some stage for the owner of a unit to renovate his property, and when windows or […]

Introduction to ISA

ISA(Installment of Sale Agreement) is brought to you by Mumbi Properties (Pty) Ltd. A registered Estate Agent with the Estate Agent Affairs Board (EAAB) in South Africa. ISA  facilitates and assists Property Sellers and Property Buyers to acquire property through Installment of Sale Agreement (ISA) – Commonly known as Rent to Own or Rent to Buy. […]

Introduction to Mumbi Properties

The MUMBI Investment System utilises various experts in creating and managing your Infinite Property Portfolio. This is done by using the Right Structures, Right Experts and Right Properties. This is simplified into 6 Steps that form the CORE of the Operations of Mumbi Properties Investment System. These steps are sequential, however, on completion of steps 1-6, a […]

Property Investment – It’s Not just a Career, but lifestyle!

Property investment is not just a career; it is a livelihood. It navigates through self-expression, to a source of bread and butter. Real estate investment is a business in itself and in my view one of the biggest channels for self-development....

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Who is the Owner of Immovable Property

The owner is the person in whose name the immovable property is registered in terms of the Deeds Registries Act 47 of 1973. There are instances, however, where you can totally or partly own immovable property, without it being registered in your name, for example:...

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