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Buying an investment property

Buying an investment property should always be in line with your strategy #LegacyOnlineCourse

After completing the Mumbi Properties online property investment strategies course you will be on your way to becoming a well-educated property investor. For more information on the course being offered please contact us for a free consultation | (011) 392-4307 |

Investing in property with a well thought out strategy is a key component to your success. In the second module of the Mumbi Properties online property investment course you will learn all about creating a master property investment strategy.

When starting to invest in property it’s important to be clear on your property investment strategy. Are you going for high rental returns for the short term or are you going for long term capital growth?

If you’re thinking about investing in property for the first time, it’s important to seek professional advice. The property investment specialist at Mumbi Properties would be able to advise you from start to finish

Why property?

Investing in property has several benefits, including the potential to:

  • Generate capital growth – increase in the value of your property over time
  • Generate rental income and yield – annual rental income less any costs divided by the purchase price of the property
  • Gain potential tax advantages associated with negative gearing – with negative gearing you can deduct the costs of owning your investment property from your overall income, reducing your tax bill.

What should I think about?

Deciding that investing in property is your first. Sign up for the Mumbi Properties online property investment course by clicking here.


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