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Celebrities investing

Celebrities investing who is doing it right #LegacyInvestmentFacts

When it comes to celebrities, most invest in luxury high end properties which is not always the best. Robbie Fowler on the other hand is one celebrity investing right.

Robbie Fowler is not only one of the best forwards to have played for Liverpool but also a property king of the field.

Putting his faith in the wall has paid off for Fowler who has built a range of canny property investments which now have an estimated  staggering value of R556 000 000

Whilst many shoot for the luxury market, Fowler went for the tap-in and invested heavily in lower end property, prompting Man City fans to coin the chant: ‘We all live in a Robbie Fowler house’.

Wanting to pass on his success, the erstwhile centre forward set up the Robbie Fowler Property Academy, a course promising ‘just the very best property investment education’.

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