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This week’s Build a Legacy quote is about goals #BuildALegacyQuote

Ultimately, success is yours and yours alone. Yes, your team will take credit; the financial institution will have supported you; estate agents will have got great deals for you and all stakeholders will have played a role in your success. However, the buck stops with you. How well you succeed is driven by your continuous improvement, adjusting to a changing environment and keeping an eye on your goal.

The quality of your goals will be the primary determinant of your success. Property investment is just like any other venture. Goals make all the difference, track them closely and narrow them down to weekly, daily and hourly activities. Then take measurements and reviews every so often to know how far you have come in achieving the primary goal.

There is a paradox in setting 20 and 30-year goals in property investment and ultimately focusing on daily goals and activities. As a matter of fact, this is not a contradiction, but a consistency in understanding how to achieve set objectives. This discussion can be revisited in Step 1 where we looked at having a goal, defining your purpose and then narrowing down to strategy, and finally tactics. You might want to revisit the first chapter to become better orientated with this again.

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