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Online Property Investment Course (OPIC)
OPIC is a proprietary Online Investment Course by Mumbi Legacy that has been designed for those who want to acquire the knowledge and skills in Real Estate Investment. Learn how to build an Infinite Property Portfolio using the Right Structures, Right Properties and Right Experts!
Module 1 Introduction to OPIC (Online Property Investment Course)
Introduction to Online Property Investment Course (OPIC) that includes Course Design and Course Approach. This module helps you to get orientated with how the course is structured and understand the outcomes expected.
Unit 1 Introduction to OPIC (Online Property Investment Course)
Unit 2 Introduction to OPIC (Online Property Investment Course) - Video
Module 2 Property Investment Strategy (PIS)
Setting up a Property Investment Strategy (PIS). Coming up with the three point plan on PIS i.e. Goals, Type of Property, Location and Entities for Investment.
Unit 1 Unit 1 - Property Investment Strategy (PIS)
Unit 2 Unit 2 - Investment Goals and Objectives
Unit 3 Unit 2 - Goals and Objectives (Video)
Module 3 Entity Registration
This module looks at the use of correct structures for ownership of investment properties. Specifically, it looks at Trusts and Companies in Structuring your Property Investment
Unit 1 Introduction to Trusts for Property Investments
Unit 2 Introduction to companies as entities for property ownership
Module 4 Property Presentation - Finding, Analysing and Making Offers
In this module you will learn how to find the Right Property, Analyzing Investment Deals, Negotiating and Placing Offers on your Property Investments
Unit 1 How to Find the Right Investment Properties
Unit 2 Analysing Property Investment Deals
Unit 3 Negotiating and Placing Offers on Investment Properties
Module 5 Property Finance
Understanding property finance and amortization. How to apply for a mortgage bond with the key banking institutions. Installment of Sale Agreement (ISA) as an alternative means of property finance.
Unit 1 Understanding Property Finance for Investors
Unit 2 Applying for Mortgage Bond Finance
Unit 3 Installment of Sale Agreement - Seller Finance
Module 6 Property Registration
This module looks at the registration Process of Properties in South Africa. It also looks at some of the taxes and tax rebates that you should be aware of as a property investor.
Unit 1 Property Registration Process
Module 7 Rental Management
This module looks at how to acquire, Screen and select tenants for your investment property. It also gets into the detail of how to manage your investment property on a day-to-day basis.
Unit 1 Acquiring, Selecting and Screening Tenants
Unit 2 Day to Day Management of Rental Properties
Module 8 Conclusion & Plan of Action
This module summarizes everything that you have learnt, but most importantly, your Plan of Action and Next Steps to take towards acquiring your first investment property.
Unit 1 Sharpening the Saw - How to keep at the top of the game!

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