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Module 1 Introduction to OPIC (Online Property Investment Course)
Unit 1 Introduction to OPIC (Online Property Investment Course)
Unit 2 Introduction to OPIC (Online Property Investment Course) - Video
Module 2 Property Investment Strategy (PIS)
Unit 1 Unit 1 - Property Investment Strategy (PIS)
Unit 2 Unit 2 - Investment Goals and Objectives
Unit 3 Unit 2 - Goals and Objectives (Video)
Module 3 Entity Registration
Unit 1 Introduction to Trusts for Property Investments
Unit 2 Introduction to companies as entities for property ownership
Module 4 Property Presentation - Finding, Analysing and Making Offers
Unit 1 How to Find the Right Investment Properties
Unit 2 Analysing Property Investment Deals
Unit 3 Negotiating and Placing Offers on Investment Properties
Module 5 Property Finance
Unit 1 Understanding Property Finance for Investors
Unit 2 Applying for Mortgage Bond Finance
Unit 3 Installment of Sale Agreement - Seller Finance
Module 6 Property Registration
Unit 1 Property Registration Process
Module 7 Rental Management
Unit 1 Acquiring, Selecting and Screening Tenants
Unit 2 Day to Day Management of Rental Properties
Module 8 Conclusion & Plan of Action
Unit 1 Sharpening the Saw - How to keep at the top of the game!

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