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1-2-1 Property Investment Consultation

R1,495.00 Incl. VAT

  • 95% of Property Investors never own more than 2 properties! This is primarily because of poor strategy and fundamentals.
  • Without a Property Investment Strategy/Plan, it is difficult to build a property portfolio that you desire, aligned to your financial needs and one that you thoroughly understand.
  • Face-to-Face Consultations Offer one of the best ways of Understanding, Comprehension and Retention of Information acquired.

Property investment is a very dynamic field and one needs to have a realistic approach to their portfolio while understanding the market forces that drive it. Central to this is having a Property Investment Strategy (PIS).


Blue Print

PIS is your blue print on how you want your portfolio to look in 10, 20, or even 30 years. It is a long term view, which helps you understand your vision, goals and objectives that you want to achieve with your investments.

There is no better way of setting up your PIS than on a Face-to-Face (1-2-1) Consultation!

At Mumbi Properties, we pride ourselves in helping our clients build a strong and sound Property Investment Strategy (PIS) that becomes the cornerstone of their property Investment. We offer a comprehensive Property Investment Consultation with one of our experienced Property Portfolio Consultants to assist in getting your PIS in place.

 What you receive

During this Property Investment Consultation we assist you in:

  1. Discuss the importance of correct structuring, understanding entities and parties to each of the entities.
  2. A Comprehensive Exploration of your current financial situation, affordability and borrowing capacity
  3. Discussion of your property investment goals & objectives – Develop a Success Vision to get Clarity on your Investment Goals.
  4. We assist you to avoid finance traps that limit your borrowing from financial institutions due to the National Credit Act (NCA)
  5. Explain our Property Investment strategy and the Approach
  6. Plan the next steps for you going forward!

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