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Six Steps To Sustainable Real Estate Investment – Successful Book Launch

Successful launch of Real Estate Investment Book – Build a Legacy, Touch Freedom #LegacyFunction

Johannesburg, South Africa

A successful book launch was hosted on the 25th February 2015 at Observatory Golf Club. Entrepreneur and Property Investor, Dr. Chomba Chuma, has published a book on real estate investment. The book, titled: “Build A Legacy, Touch Freedom,” details everything Dr. Chuma has learned over the years while personally building his stream of passive income through investing in sustainable property opportunities.

In the book, Dr. Chomba Chuma makes it clear that he wrote it as a guide for would-be investors to use in order to help them avoid making the common mistakes that often dissuade people from following the path of real estate investment. “Build A Legacy, Touch Freedom” has a substantial focus on how one could go about building a sustainable passive income stream through effective property investment, while also creating a legacy for their families for years to come.

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About The Book

The book reads like a manual that has Dr. Chuma’s personal journey attached to it, advocating the skills and techniques he has learned over the years.

Primarily divided into six steps, it offers a firm grasp on the processes that a potential real estate investor should follow when making their first investment. It offers real life examples of the successes and pitfalls that can be expected, while detailing insightful information about the more technical specifics of real estate investment that might not be blatantly clear to people without experience.

Described as a guide, Dr. Chuma’s book aims to assist any person with an interest in property investment, but might not know how to go about initiating the process on their own. It is backed up by Dr. Chuma’s hands-on workshops and online courses offered throughout Southern Africa, where investors can learn more from the author and ask any appropriate questions they might have. More information is available on .

Review by Industry Leaders

  • “This book is a MUST for anyone aspiring to become a Real Estate Investor in South Africa” – Rob Velosa – iProtect
  • “Brilliant. Educational. Inspirational. The ultimate guide to investing in property”. – Lauren Fleiser. B.Com, MBA – Trutrepreneur
  • “I encourage everyone who wants to go beyond the stage of a consumer and grow wealth to read this book and to apply the wisdom.” – Pastor Chris Mathebula, HRM
  • “Finally an average South African family’s dream of building a property portfolio and generating passive income to create wealth has become a reality.” – John Tibane – Tibane Consulting


“Build A Legacy, Touch Freedom” is available for purchase on Amazon Online Bookstore. Paperback & eBook copies available on

About the author:

Born in Kenya, Dr. Chomba Chuma is now a South African based entrepreneur and property investor who has a strong history in the property and healthcare industries. He offers consulting, services and workshops in the areas of business leadership, entrepreneurship and medical business coaching, and also assists startup ventures with their business strategy and development. An entrepreneur himself, he is passionate about helping young, aspiring would-be business owners, recognize and grow their potential.

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